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Bandra Bandstand
Canon EOS 7D Mark II with Canon EF-S 18-135mm F/3.5-5.6 IS STM

Mumbai has been described as the city of dreams, a melting pot of cultures, of real and reel, of large and small… a city of stark contrasts. In the heart of the city is this majestic Bandra Worli Sea-link, a lifeline connecting the two halves of Mumbai. As it stretches out into the night, one cant’s stop but begin to love the thrill that is Mumbai!

1️⃣Selected as #HallaDailySnap on 16th March 2018 and featured on their website as cover image.
2️⃣Selected as the winner of Daily Snap Photography Contest-March2018 organised by and it was featured on the cover of their social media for a month. [Link:]. It is also featured in a blog post on their website as “30 Most Popular Images of March 2018”. Link:
3️⃣Awarded ICS Honourable Mention in WPAI Circuit 2018-Udaipur judging []
4️⃣Awarded a HM in Night Photography Contest organised by in 2019 []
Light and Life Trail
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Light and Life Trail
Haji Ali Dargah
Canon EOS 7D Mark II with Canon EF-S 18-135mm F/3.5-5.6 IS STM

Mumbai was bustling with activity and shone its bright lights as if to call people towards it. Some tourists took pictures of the bright city lights. But the call of the city was strong. So they hurriedly went away leaving a trail of their mobile phone’s lights and a shadow of their presence on the banks of the sea on the other side.
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Canon EOS 7D Mark II with Canon EF-S 18-135mm F/3.5-5.6 IS STM

A brightly lit Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Station popularly called as the Victoria Terminus is the perfect gateway to a million people who come to Mumbai everyday with dreams in their eyes and hope in their heart of a richer, better, busier, brighter... glitzier future.

1️⃣It was selected as #HallaDailySnap on 11th April 2018 and featured on their website as cover image.
2️⃣Published as Photo of the Day on on 11th April 2018.
3️⃣It has been featured in a blog titled Last Month in Popular: Top 21 Picture of April2018 Photo Contest. Link:
4️⃣Published in Photoscape of Asian Photography-Jul 2018 issue.
5️⃣Accepted in 1st FIP Grand International Print Salon 2018 [] and featured in the Salon eCatalog.
6️⃣July2018 Monthly Travel Photography Contest Winner of and prize was a cash award of INR.3000/-
7️⃣Printed in double spread at Journal section of Lonely Planet India Magazine-Dec2018 issue. They have made a poster with this image and featured on their social media twice.
8️⃣Selected as photo of the month in November 2018 and featured in their website at [Link:]
9️⃣Selected as Honourable Mention in “Long Exposure” Photography Contest in 2019 organized by
1️⃣0️⃣Featured in Sep2019 NewsLetter of
Chowpatty Beach
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Chowpatty Beach
Chowpatty Beach
Canon EOS 7D Mark II with Canon EF-S 18-135mm F/3.5-5.6 IS STM

You can take the Boy out of Bombay, But you can’t take Bombay out of the boy you know. ~ Salman Rushdie

1️⃣It was featured in the April2018 AvTvISO Monthly Photography Contest [].
2️⃣Selected as #HallaDailySnap on 11th May 2018 and featured on their website as cover image and later in June2018, it was featured in their blog as one of the “Top 24 Pictures from May-2018 Photo contest”. Link:
3️⃣One of the two images of Udayan which were part of the Coups de Coeur organized by as part of the screening of the Indian Photography Festival in Hyderabad happened September/October-2018.
A piece of sky
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A piece of sky
Mahalaxmi Dhobighat
Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF 16-35mm F/2.8L II USM

Mumbai, the city of dreams, is characterized by inordinate traffic jams and congested living areas. Udayan was especially fascinated by the indomitable spirit of Mumbaikars. They are masters of making the most of their space cramped living conditions. At the Mahalaksmi Dhobi Ghat, a well known open air laundromat, Udayan found these two boys making best use of the little space between clothes hung out to dry. They found a piece of sky free enough to fly a kite.

1️⃣Photo of the Day (21 Jan 2014) of Clicked Views FB Group.
2️⃣Published as Times Choice (23 Jan 2014) in Times Photo World ( & their FB page & group.
3️⃣Better Photography Magazine published this image on their website as one of the images with honorable mention for the contest Beating Harsh Light in June 2014.
4️⃣Won 3rd place in Lonely Planet: Photo Challange - Washing on their Flickr Group ( on 24th June 2014.
5️⃣Third prize winner of Maharashtra Kaleidoscope 2017 Photography Contest in People and Culture section. It was also featured in two different posters that used in their fb page cover [] and fb event cover []. Links: | | Udayan also received a printed & laminated certificate and two gift vouchers worth 500/- each from Primes&Zooms and Pixavince Creations. Exhibition was held at Raja Ravi Verma Art Gallery in Pune. It was published in Pune Mirror as events to attend on 15th January Edition. This paper is also available online at
6️⃣Selected for UPC-POTD monthly contest Dec’2017 in UPC | Educating People Towards Photography FB Group [fb/groups/utkalaphotographyclub]. Link:
7️⃣This is one of the two images that has featured in Indian Photo Arts Magazine-April2018 issue with a profile picture of Udayan. This is an online magazine. Link: or
8️⃣Awarded a Certificate of Merit in WPAI-NewDelhi Judging of SAM Print Circuit-2019 []
9️⃣Awarded an ISF Diploma in LCC-Udaipur Judging of SAM Print Circuit-2019 []
1️⃣0️⃣Awarded a Certificate of Merit in SCC-Ratlam Judging of SAM Print Circuit-2019. []
1️⃣1️⃣Awarded a Certificate of Merit in NIC-Itarsi Judging of SAM Print Circuit-2019. []
Fun at work
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Fun at work
Chowpatty Beach
Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF 16-35mm F/2.8L II USM

A mega city, a celluloid haven, an economic powerhouse, Mumbai is a city of sharp contrasts. The city will charm and frustrate you in equal measure. Once can live cheap as well as live a life of luxury here. Mumbai accommodates all. These local kids were selling balloons in the evening to earn some pocket money at the popular Chowpatty Beach, with the Nariman Point business district in the distance. The playful kids however could not contain their excitement about the dream-like sunset and pleasant cool evening. Udayan captured them having fun at work!

1️⃣Exhibited in 2nd Sauhard Photo Exhibition 2014 ( at L&P Hutheesinh Art Gallery, Ahmedabad on 5th & 6th of July 2014. Prints were on sale in this exhibition & the entire sale proceeds were donated to Kadam Education trust, an Ahmedabad based organization working to educate kids, especially girls.
2️⃣Won 3rd place in Weekly Travel Photography Competition (Sub: Sea) of Lonely Planet blog ( in July 2014.
3️⃣Selected as Jury Pick in Weekly Theme Photo Contest FB Group in Jan-2015 ( & subject was babies/children.
4️⃣Featured in the article that Udayan wrote for on Aspect Ratio that published on 5th May 2015. It is also used as the cover image of the article. It is also used as the cover image of the article.
5️⃣Won 3rd prize in the June-2015 Flickr Monthly Contest (Subject was Show Your City) of The Camera Club of Hyderabad ( & prize was a 18x12 Photo Print from
6️⃣Featured for a month on the cover of official twitter handle of Tata Group of Companies (@TataCompanies) for winning the ‎“CoverShot‬” contest in August 2015 & received INR 10,000 worth Tanishq Gift Voucher.
7️⃣2nd Runner up of Shooter-Sep 2015. The monthly contest of & theme was friendship.
8️⃣Published in t2 CLICK (My Favorite City) on 27 Jan 2016. t2 is supplementary of The Telegraph. This News Paper is only available online at as 27th January is a traditional no-publication day & that is why print version is not available. T2 has displayed a print of this image with other published images at City Centre Mall in Kolkata.
9️⃣Won the ‪#‎MyCity‬ contest in April 2016 organized by OnePlus India at their Instagram & received some OnePlus goodies.
1️⃣0️⃣Featured on Kotak Mahindra Bank became India’s fourth largest private bank in 2015 & to highlight its presence across a significantly larger geography that includes smaller towns and cities, it has rolled out a campaign, titled “Kona Kona Kotak”.
1️⃣1️⃣Shortlisted & featured in the winners announcement poster of Clicks FB Group’s [fb/groups/1439742139642740] special contest “Sunrise/Sunset” in September 2015.
1️⃣2️⃣Featured in an article on Exposure that Udayan wrote & published in Smile Art Beats eMagazine-Nov2015 issue []. This article is also available on their website at q2grDS
1️⃣3️⃣Featured with Udayan’s interview at Smile Art Beats eMagazine-Jan2016 issue []. This interview published on their website at The interview shared as best articles for the week on weekly edition. You can see it here at
1️⃣4️⃣One of the three winners of weekly contest at Photography FB Group [fb/loversofphotography] in June 2016 and the theme was “Dusk in a City”. []
1️⃣5️⃣Won Phlearn’s #Backlit instagram contest in Aug2016 & prize is a $50 Phlearn Gift Card. []
1️⃣6️⃣Won the 1st place in Weekly Travel Photography Competition (Sub: Fun) of Lonely Planet blog ( & published in the blog as winning image and received a LP Book [Toilets] of Udayan’s choice. [Link:]. It was also featured on as the winning image [].
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